Tuesday, September 4, 2012

WEEK 1 - 4

OK. Been a long time. So here is what is new. A new workout program. I started TapouT XT . I just started week 4. week1 was Cross Core Combat, Strength& Force Upper +Ultimate Abs , Plyo XT, Yoga XT, Legs  and Back, and finally  Sprawl & Brawl. Week 2 was Comp Core, S&FU+ Ultimate Abs, Plyo, Yoga, L+B, and Cardio XT + abs. Week 3 CCC, S&FU,Plyo,Yoga, L+B, and S+B. Week 4 is CC, Buns+Guns + abs, Muay Thai, Yoga, S+B, Cardio+abs. Started weight was 192.....now down to 185 or so.