Thursday, July 21, 2011


Well I went and talked to the mechanic today again. And he told me it was pointless to just replace the one piston and all else. He would just rather replace the whole motor. I can understand that. It makes more sense.

The problem is my income. I would have to make payments. He would have to buy the motor and I would pay him for the motor and labor in payments. It's a difficult situation. This is the first step towards our freedom from here.

It could cost upwards of 2000 or more to do what needs done. I am prepared to pay it, but it would have to be in payments and not all at once. If I had the money I would pay it all, but that isn't the case at all. And the work market here is way too slow for me. Can't find decent work, even if you constantly talk to the people that you gave applications to. So it's a whole different thing. I hope we get the car fixed and get out of here soon.

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