Sunday, June 26, 2011


As I head into the last week of not having my son here with me, I am looking at going back to daily doubles. That way I can push my boundries. I want to look beyond the strength I have now. I am looking at a long term plan.

That long term plan will fall into place along the way. I have no plans on changing anything anytime soon. It's just an overall outlook and nutrition plan that I am working on developing. I plan on staying at 6 days a week.

My cardio is getting split up into intervals. 10 to 15 minutes per interval. So 45 min or more of cardio in one workout. Add my strength training and the walks I take daily and you will see a massive amount of calories burned. Right now it is about defining muscle and adding density. Not just strength. I will work towards my ultimate goal. And that goal is to achieve an 8 pack.....which is every man's dream. I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do in the next 4 weeks

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