Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Well I made it through the 1st half of a week of Daily Doubles. It's day 3 of doing doubles. Today I worked my chest and I am looking into new ideas to increase muscle endurance and definition. Nikki came across a new workout concet, that get this......REQUIRES NO WEIGHTS. It's called INSANITY.  A 10 disc DVD workout.

I am tempted to take it up. I can take it up and make myself look different in 30 days. That is my goal. Muscle and a bodyfat percentage of 6 to 8%. Maybe even down to a bodyfat percent of 4 or less. My weight now is 160. The challenge is to turn it all to muscle, and it gets difficult.

I plan on ordering INSANITY and taking it to the gym and doing it at the gym for the 90 days. After that I will see what happens. I have seen pictures of people who have done this workout and it is INTENSE. The workout takes interval training and challenges it. Long periods of cardio and short rests with anareobic exercises. The workout itself is interesting. Everything done to the MAX. As many reps as you can do for extended times. The workout is roughly 200.00. But I want to get it, and see if I can get the results I want, in a short timeframe. The other workout to try is the P90X, and P90X2. The P90X2 hasn't been released yet. There are channels on YOUTUBE that have the P90X on them, or you can go to and at the videos for the P90X and INSANITY.

Nikki wants to order the Zumba dance DVDs. So that's like 300+ in DVDs that we want to order. Not to mention our supplements( protien powder in particular). We try to eat good. I eat all kinds of protien, or try to. Eggs and meat in particular. I eat rice and beans as often as I am allowed. Salads and Ranch dressing. Cheese, shredded or cut from the block. Use Whole Milk for cereal and things like that.

So now it's a matter of figuring out if we can get the DVDs we want and still maintain enough to fix Nikki's car. Guess we have to wait and see

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